Enware has over 70 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing solutions that provide safety and performance for both commercial and educational laboratories. Our built for purpose laboratory fittings offer the practical benefits of simple operation, maximum control and proven long, serviceable life. Combine this with our world class safety and adaptable work place options and you can choose Enware with confidence for your professional laboratory.

Key benefits

Precision and control

Modern sleek ComLab design feature simple operation, maximum control and proven performance.

Australian Made

Designed and manufactured in Australia. Solutions include pure water and specialty gas fittings.

Safety and Compliance

Emergency showers and eyewash solutions for personal safety and meeting OHS laboratory design requirements.

Accessible design

Solutions for wheelchair users ranging from AS1428 compliant toilets to height adjustable bench tops.

Water Efficiency

Our flow control technology provide various levels of water and energy savings. Quality products built to last with serviceable design for a lower whole of life cost.

Service and Support

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience and can assist with product selection. Our national technical service team of accredited plumbers can assist with onsite training and support

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