Aged Care and Disability

Aged Care and Disability

Our insight into aged care, young care and independent living facilities ensures we provide solutions that deliver a greater degree of user comfort, dignity, respect and safety for users and carers. From specialty tapware, sanitary ware and the Pressalit Care range of adaptable bathroom and living systems, you can choose Enware with confidence.

Key benefits

Resident dignity and safety first

Our solutions are about providing health care professionals with the best equipment to best assist people through the twilight years. From easy to use taps to bacteria risk minimisation in plumbing systems

System Solutions

Experience in integrating with the plumbing design, we endeavour to work closely with hydraulic designers to help minimise risks such as Legionella and Pseudomonas Infection.

Standards Compliance

Our products are tested and approved to Australian Standards, including AS4032.1 for our Australian Made Aquablend range of TMVs the safe delivery of warm water.

Choose quality

The Ifo range of sanitary ware includes fully glazed porcelain basins for greater infection control. Pressalit Care provides independence, dignity, flexibility, safety and comfort in the bathroom. With adaptable options for changing needs.

Operations and Sustainability

Enware’s fit for purpose range is designed for the demands of these critical environments. Our flow control technology provides various levels of water and energy savings and assist with green building targets.

Service and Support

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience and can assist with initial site assessments to performance and maintenance checks. Our national technical service team of accredited plumbers can assist with installation or onsite training

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