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4 Drum Pallet

Spill Pallets 4-Drum Poly-Slim-Line 6000 made from low density polyethylene construction for superior UV and chemical resistance. It can holds 4 x 205 litre drum with standard pallet and larger footprint for improved safety and spill protection. Drain hole and plug for controlled removal of content from sump.

Key features

  • Forkliftable from all 4 sides
  • 250 litre sump capacity meets EPA guidelines
  • Strong 2,700 kg UDL capacity
  • Translucent for easy spill identification
  • Raised edge improve load security
  • Extra support on corners to maintain pallet integrity

Additional options

E5400-TARP | 4 Drum Pallet - Suits E5400 4-Drum Pallet

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