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Stinger Snap-Foam Berm - Drive In Drive Out Bunding

True Drive-in/Drive-out capability. The ENPAC Snap-Foam Berm allows for one-time set-up and then continual drive in and drive out without ever having to set down the end sidewalls. The end sidewall design incorporates high strength connectors and a two way air-relief system that facilitates automatic entry-exit without assistance.

Key features

  • Easy to assemble design permits immediate response
  • Compact storage and transport
  • Air-lance tested containment welds for maximum product performance
  • Foam end caps form 2-way air-relief system to snap end sidewalls back automatically to their upright position
  • Lap joint welds for maximum strength
  • Fuel/chemical resistant containment area
  • Products

    Order code Stinger Snap-Foam Berm - Drive In Drive Out Bunding
    3.05m (L) x 7.92m (W) x 30cm (H)
    3.65 m (L) x 10.97 m (W) x 30cm (H)
    4.65m (L) x 25.9m (W) x 30cm (H)
    Ground Pad, custom sizes and special materials available contact Enware for more information
  • E4820-BK-SF Dimensions: 7.92 m (L) x 3.05 m (W) x 30 cm (H); Weight; 64 kg; Sump Capacity: 7,358 Litres
    E4836-BK-SF Dimensions: 10.97 m (L) x 3.66 m (W) x 30 cm (H); Weight: 90 kg; Sump Capacity: 12,230 Litres
    E4854-BK-SF Dimensions: 16.45 m (L) x 4.26 m (W) x 30 cm (H); Weight: 114 kg; Sump Capacity: 21,402 Litres
    E4860-BK-SF Dimensions: 18.28 m (L) x 3.65 m (W) x 30 cm (H); Weight: 132 kg; Sump Capacity: 20,384 Litres
    E4885-BK-SF Dimensions: 25.90 m (L) x 4.26 m (W) x 30 cm (H); Weight: 215 kg; Sump Capacity: 33,693 Litres
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