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Polyurethane Drain Protector

Prevent hazardous materials from reaching drains and precious surface water. The dual-durometer urethane composition makes ENPAC's Spill Protector a highly effective barrier that protects drains from a variety of hazardous materials.

Key features

  • Simple to deploy: just take it out of the box and stick it down - completely reusable
  • Just clean it off, return it to the box it was shipped in, and store it for future use
  • Products

    Order code Polyurethane Drain Protector
    61cm x 61cm
    122cm x 122cm
    TRACMAT allows trucks to drive on while protecting the berm from punctures and tears. Available in sizes/dimensions to match any style Stinger Berm.
  • E13-2424SP Dimensions: 61 cm (L) x 61 cm (W) x 1.3 cm (H); Weight: 4 kg
    E13-4848SP Dimensions: 122 cm (L) x 122 cm (W) x 1.3 cm (H); Weight: 8 kg
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